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How and what to submit to Gone Lawn

Gone Lawn accepts work on a rolling basis.

Submissions received before July 1 will be considered for Gone Lawn 29.

Desired: sincere, well-written, imaginative, unusual and/or innovative works that charm and displace us, that baffle the pale-setters of our rolling, verdant isles and nab all their dreary tools. Gone Lawn is especially partial to odd animals.
Our broad arm-spans welcome fiction, prose, verse and prose poetry, as well as visual narratives and work involving sound and motion. We wish we received more material described in the latter clause than we do.
All artwork hailing from the second dimension is welcomed for our frontispiece. While we apologize for the interwebs' nescience regarding (1) tactility and (2) dimensional sophistication, we do, also, welcome photographs of sculptures and other physical works.

Please submit multiple pieces in one submission, not several. Thank you.
Simultaneous submissions are okay, so long as your piece is withdrawn if it's accepted elsewhere. We are not interested in submissions of previously published work. Gone Lawn retains only first time publishing rights. We will try to respond quickly.

You may otherwise reach us at gonelawn at gmail period com, our goodly gazebo and official receiving room.

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